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Three Rivers Petroglyph Site

Three Rivers Petroglyphs packs a surprising number of well-preserved petroglyphs in a small area.  An entertaining seek and find for rock art makes it a site worth stopping by with kids.


Southeast of Albuquerque near Tularosa, NM

The Scoop

Living in Albuquerque, we are lucky to have petroglyphs practically in our backyard. Our kids have visited Petroglyph National Monument with their school numerous times and have always enjoyed it.  
My husband wasn’t as excited about exploring Three Rivers as a potential sidetrack. However, once we got there, it turns out he really enjoyed exploring the trail and discovering so many different petroglyphs.  

The trail was well maintained and easy to follow.  The reason Three Rivers made the cut as one of our sidetracks is that we all enjoyed trying to find the best petroglyph drawing. It ended up being an entertaining and perfectly distanced hike for our family. We spent about an hour here and we would have enjoyed spending more time looking for ancient artwork, but we ran out of daylight and the park is only open for day use unless you are camping overnight.  

Only the first few yards of the trail are stroller and wheel chair friendly and following that, the trail ascends up a hill. There are RV friendly campsites available. Pets on leashes are allowed in the picnic area, but not on trails.