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PistachioLand/McGinn's Pistachio Tree Ranch offers a quaint country store, friendly staff, yummy samples, and the world’s largest pistachio figure. This is a small sidetrack we recommend if you are in the Alamogordo area. 


Southeast of Albuquerque near Alamogordo, NM

The Scoop

Located conveniently off of Highway 54, PistachioLand and McGinn’s Country Store’s giant pistachio is hard to miss as you approach the area.  Just like the Grizwalds visiting the world’s largest ball of string, you might not want to miss the world’s largest pistachio. However, we found there was more to this stop.  

The store hosts a plethora of different tasting pistachio samples and souvenirs.  Everyone in our family loves pistachios so this was the stop for us.  We quickly found ourselves centered around the sample table tasting many different flavors of pistachios.  The samples ranged from spicy green and red chile flavors to sweet brittles as well as other flavors like barbecue and our favorite, ranch.  There was a bakery counter stocked with homemade cookies, brownies, and brittles.

There is also another spacious area with gifts and souvenirs.  Photos of the current tree ranch line the walls and show the history of the farm. The staff was friendly and answered all of our questions. McGinn’s is also home to the Arena Blanco Winery and wine tasting is available. We took photos in front of the giant pistachio, stocked up on a variety of pistachios (which were cheaper, fresher, and tastier than the grocery), and were glad we stopped in.