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Four Corners Monument

Four Corners Monument is the meeting point of the four states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.  It is also the crossing point of two Native American governments, the Navajo Nation and Ute Mountain Reservation.  The monument is maintained by the Navajo Nation.


Northwest of Albuquerque near Farmington, NM

The Scoop

Four Corners was one of our sidetracks en route to Moab, UT.  My husband had wanted to visit the Four Corners since he was a child. Our son was really excited to be able to say he stood in four states at once.  This is the only opportunity in the country to do such a thing, after all. I was also extra happy to see that getting to the Four Corners Monument was just a small detour from our route... hence we made the sidetrack. :)


The signs directing us to the monument on US 64 north were straightforward and plentiful.  However, this area is pretty desolate in general and out in the middle of nowhere.  We arrived in the late afternoon and I am glad we actually made it in time to get in.  The park closes at 5pm in November through the end of April and we cut it a little close.  It turned out perfect for us, as we were most interested in taking a few photos and moving along to our destination for the day.  We had spent the afternoon playing in the Bisti Badlands and the kids were anxious to check out the hotel swimming pool that evening. Please see our Bisti Badlands Sidetrack for more information on exploring that area. This may not be a trip on its own, but it makes a great sidetrack if you are nearby.  


We paid our entrance fee, parked, and then explored the monument.  On the ground, the states, and their 4 corners, are each marked in the concrete.  We hung around for a few minutes and took some photos and moved along.  The vendors had already packed up for the day, so we were not able to check that out.  The port a pottys are less than desirable.  Please note there is no water here. The kids were happy to say they indeed stood in four states at once. Success!