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Fox Cave

Fox Cave has museum exhibits and a store located in...a cave. This quirky roadside attraction set along the Billy the Kid Trail offers fun for the whole family.


Southeast of Albuquerque, NM near Ruidoso, NM

The Scoop

I stumbled upon photos of some of the sculptures outside of Fox Cave on Instagram. The enlarged hands, humongous shark mouth, large looming man in a 10 gallon hat. I thought to my myself how I would totally enjoy checking that out if I stumbled upon the place on the road somewhere in southern New Mexico.

We were on a road trip Sidetracking in and around Ruidoso during Spring Break one year and the weather turned rainy and gloomy. We were looking for something fun to do and came across a Fox Cave brochure at the hotel. With a little coaxing, I was able to get my family a little curious about a cave that was once used as a hideout by William H. Bonney aka Billy the Kid.

We drove a few minutes outside of Ruidoso and easily found the place with all of the interesting exhibits that can be seen right from the highway. We found that there indeed is a store built into the side of the mountain inside a cave. Our kids love rocks and so they were totally fascinated by the plethora of rocks, minerals, and fun nick knacks. The staff were friendly and great with the kids and answered all of our questions about the cave and the different kinds of rocks. There is no access to explore the cave beyond the store, but the building is pretty cool.

We stayed about 45 minutes and had a fun time working our way thru the sprawling rows of merchandise. The kids found some cool treasures and we ended our time at Fox Cave with some photos out in front of the store in the sculpture area. Though I wouldn't say this is a destination in itself, if you find yourself in Ruidoso or along Highway 70 and spot Fox Cave, go ahead and indulge in your curiosity.