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Hi, I am Kari, the creator of Sidetracked. Welcome to my website, Get Sidetracked.

You can often find me out on the trail with the loves of my life; my husband, son, daughter, and often our favorite yorkipoo, Lucy. When we are lucky, we are also joined by our family and friends who like to pack up and come along on our crazy fun adventures!

I have a passion for adventure and travel. I feel so lucky to live in New Mexico, a beautiful playground full of one-of-a-kind sites. A three hour drive from Albuquerque can lead you up to the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, out to the desert where some of the most ancient ruins in our country remain, or down a forested trail meandering along a beautiful river. New Mexico truly is the Land of Enchantment.

I have been longing to document details about the plethora of adventures my family and I have enjoyed. I wanted a quick way to organize my trip photos and notes, as well as an easy way to share specifics about destinations with you... our new friends.  My Sidetracks have a blog-style to them and I love to give you a lot of detailed information to ensure that you and your family will have everything you need when you are out at a destination.

I hope Sidetracked will inspire and encourage some that have lived in New Mexico and not left their neighborhood to take the plunge to pack up, hit the road, and get your adventure on! I also welcome our out of state visitors and hope you enjoy a taste of what New Mexico offers.  Or, if you are an adventurer like me, you may just be searching for a new destination to uncover.  Either way, I hope you have fun! Once you hit the road, one thing is certain. You will make memories to last a lifetime and will probably find yourself, like me, longing to see more!


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I continue to adventure and discover new Sidetracks, so look for updates regularly.
Welcome to the Sidetrack family!

Sidetracked really has been a labor of love. I wish to thank all of my friends and family who support and encourage me to document and unveil new adventures. Thank you to those who are always so patient while I wait for the light to be right for the perfect photo, turn around out on the road endless times to make sure I have the details I need, and truly are always my biggest fans (love you Davine)! I love Sidetracking with you all! My trip report editors-my mom, Paula, and Sandra-thank you for hours spent proofreading!

I also love the friends I have met since starting Sidetracked. A big shout out to the wonderful team @travelnewmexico on Instagram who share a passion for all things New Mexico, like myself. They are true gems! The Instagram community as a whole is a huge source of inspiration for me.